PASSED Resolutions

2021-2022-01 Resolution to Prevent Anti-Asian Racism and Aggressions in Schools

2021-2022-02 Resolution Opposing the Removal of Geographic Priorities in Queens

2021-2022-03 Resolution to Appoint an Administrative Assistant

2021-2022-04 Resolution for Tabling Chancellor Regulation D-210 to Support CCEC Autonomy

2021-2022-04a Resolution for Demanding Representation for CCHS on PEP, and Discovery of Regulation of the Chancellor D210 Equity Council

2021-2022-05 Resolution to Support Legislation S.7666A/A.8801 and to Protect the Charter Cap

2021-2022-06 Resolution for the Creation of New Specialized High Schools in Queens

2021-2022-07 Resolution to Change the 2022-23 Admissions Policy on Screened High Schools Rubrics

2021-2022-08 Resolution for Office of Student Enrollment to Publish Student Lottery Numbers on their MySchools Account 

2021-2022-09 Resolution on waitlists for High School Admissions for 2022-23 

2021-2022-10 Resolution for Better Teaching of Languages Other Than English ("LOTE") in High Schools

2021-2022-11 Resolution for the Expanded Use of Student MetroCards for High School Students 

2022-2023-01 Resolution to Allow Hybrid Meetings under Chapter 56 of the Laws of 2022

2022-2023-02 Resolution Opposing the Creation of Citywide Leadership Team

2022-2023-03 Resolution to Promote Mental Wellness

2022-2023-04 Resolution on School Safety

2022-2023-05 Resolution Opposing Fair Student Funding Working Group Recommendations.

2022-2023-06 Resolution Opposing Co-Locations of K-4 Charter Schools in Public High School Campuses

2022-2023-07 Resolution to Provide Summer Resources to High School Students to Improve Achievement and College Readiness

Pending Resolutions

Resolution to Reduce Class Size was already passed by the NYSED.  CCHS proposed a similar plan (attached) but no longer necessary.  However, we hope that some of our ideas and suggestions may be helpful for legislatures and parent leaders, moving forward.

CCHS Reso to Reduce Class Size (Original).docx